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Getting Started


You can go to our Download page to get the latest version of Zazu or build your own. It offers a build for popular operating systems such as Mac, Linux and Windows.


Once you open Zazu, it’ll begin to install all your plugins and present you with a notification letting you know that your plugins have been installed. Once your plugins are installed, you can hit the default launch shortcut alt+space and see Zazu appear. You can begin to type in commands such as:

  • 13 feet to inches
  • screensaver
  • find resume.docx


All your configuration is in a single file, to make it easy to backup and version. It’s located in your home directory under ~/.zazurc.json (or C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\.zazurc.json for Windows). Here, you can add some new plugins and remove ones you don’t want. There is more information in our documentation on Personal Configuration.

Zazu supports running in portable mode, details are found on the configuration page

Moving Zazu

On some Linux configurations, Zazu doesn’t position itself correctly when it first opens. To fix this, parts of your selected theme have “draggable” regions, which allow you to drag Zazu. Since Zazu remembers where it was last opened, it’ll stay in that position.